Friday, January 28, 2011

This article deals with one specific issue. However, it's the byproduct of a much larger problem. Each day, The Media continuously influences your psychological mindset. The Public is steadily being manipulated. Until your free-will is broken.

Bottom Line: Whenever Journalists strive toward a goal, they will not stop.

and, here's just one basic example:

It all starts out This way:  (but, the overall theme remains continuous)
1- Back in the 1960's, they used scare-tactics to prevent our women from wanting children.  Our School Classrooms showed frightening charts hinting toward a future of overpopulation and starvation.   Teachers would show charts foreseeing a grim future.   This had nothing to do with bearing large families.  Rather instead; they warned that even having one extra child would cause a population explosion.

2- Then, Bands of Feminists began infiltrating mainstream media.  And, they send a clear message of hatred.
Women were told to completely reject men, altogether.   Feminists tried to separate the genders.  Proclaiming that Women everywhere should stay away from men.  They were literally attempting to keep us apart.
But, these efforts were too radical.  Thus, women chose to maintain relations with him.

3- Next, the Media tried to destroy the institution of marriage.   At the time, Men's Activists feared that couples would no longer Marry, just because Mainstream Media was telling them not to.
But, despite efforts; women continued settling down.

4- Then, Feminists changed their plan; and convinced women that marriage is strictly for later-on.  This is why millions of women bragged, just because she didn't plan on settling down until after 30.   But, she was still getting married.

5- The next step was to convince women to choose casual relationships over marriage.  So, if she's gonna keep in contact,  then don't remain "tied down to one man".  But, it wasn't much different than being married.  And, they were having children anyway.
So, the media tried to prevent White Women from having children.  But all attempts failed.
Instead of women marrying, they were just having children with with boyfriends instead.

6- So, Feminists & Legislators then decided to try more drastic measures.  They began creating laws which favored Single Women.   Suddenly, it was politically harmful for a woman to remain attached.   Essentially, financial aid is given to women, so long as she's unattached.   This means, she cannot be married or have a live-in boyfriend.  The Media promoted these bills, because this would lower our population.  But, instead, Women simply lied on their applications.  And, her domestic partner officially resided at another residence. When, in fact, he was actually living with her.

Let's break this down.   The Government offers subsidies for single women.  And, she must not be living with a boyfriend.   We spoke with one such woman who explained the enormous benefits given to Single Women.   The Food expenses are paid 100% for herself and child.  HEEP pays her fuel bill.  She was given paid vocational training.   Her child receives free medical treatment.    And, these rewards will discourage her from marrying.
But, the Feminist attempts to cut us down failed, again. So, more desperate action would be taken.

7- Once the media realized that they weren't gonna stop women from Settling down; they then tried convincing her to wait until much later, before having children.  These Journalists seem bound and determined to disrupt the reproduction of European women.  So, as a result;  women were marrying at the age of 30; But, she wasn't planning to have children until after 40.
   The reason for this should be obvious. The Media realizes that later child-bearing would increase her chances of her infertility.  

Okay, let's pause for a moment. Here are a few basic questions:
Why would the media take such measures to harm an entire race?   
Since when should Journalist possess this type of authority?
Why haven't these Journalists been expelled ?
Why hasn't the EEOC charged them with discrimination?
More importantly, Why hasn't the public noticed anything?
We are witnessing pure totalitarianism.
But, Most of all: 
Why didn't these people quit?
We're talking about several decades of brainwashing.

They tried everything imaginable to cut down white women.

which now brings us to the final point:

(recap)  All efforts had since failed.  ---They tried to scare women with the prospect of starvation.  ---She was then told to completely break apart from men.  ---Or, keep the relationship casual.   ---They tried to break down relationships with Welfare Programs.  (It would then become more profitable to shun relationships).  This didn't work either.

8-- Finally:   Instead of passing laws which teach women to remain single; why not target the male audience instead?   The Government created laws which stripped fathers of their rights.  During Custody disputes, children were always given to the mother.  And, the father was forced to pay 21 years of servitude.
These policies caused men to shun relationships.   Suddenly, he became afraid to date, or have sex (in fear of consequences.)...

Now, with all these points considered, let's review the basic facts.
Obviously, someone is trying to cut down the European Peoples.
And, they're taking great length to pursue this goal.
How can Journalists abuse their profession, this way?
Wouldn't the publication promptly fire them, for this behavior?

This brings us to the next issue. (Racism)
You've clearly seen a major example of Media-Bias against Caucasians.
Why then does that same Media accuse us of being racist ?

It's unmistakable.  They're always targeting against us.  and yet, every major campaign tells us that we're prejudice.

This is nothing less than Totalitarianism.   
Total control over mind and matter.   
Far worse than Communism or Fascism.  
  ....And, nothing less either.

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